Positively impacting our communities through educating our future

Sometimes you find complimentary needs that are equally impactful and needed. We saw market needs in tech along with groups of people who could fill those needs and improve their livelihood.
Code Impact is honored to be a 501(c)(3) Organization.

Targeting an economic need

The tech world is in dire need of qualified individuals with unique backgrounds, skills, and ideas

Educating coding engineers

Our partnerships and experience allow us to educate both online and in person efficiently and effectively

Positively impacting the workforce

Working with employers we have channels to place qualified candidates in the workplace

Our Partners

Give people a powerful profession

Education for Students

Coding education for students K-Career

Strengthening our community through those who will innovate it.
Education for Professional Adults

Coding education for a new career

Strengthening our community by retooling our workforce.
Transforming technologies for tomorrow.

Why Schools?

Advance curriculum to be current and Innovative
Align educational outcomes with Industry expectations
Tech Education is the great equalizer of our time
Student Application

Get Involved

It's people like you who can really make a difference

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